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frac water aeration

a few words about us

FracCure is the exclusive distributor for VaraCorp LLC in the Oil & Gas Industry
FracCure has developed an aeration unit especially designed for frac pits harsh environment. Click details below for more information.

To endeavor to demonstrate that aeration in frac water is cost effective, environmental friendly treatment, that can help companies recycle and water in a responsible way.
Our mission is to educate and demonstrate the effectiveness of aeration in frac flowback water.
Aeration is not only a treatment for recycling frac water but also can reduce the amount od biocide used in down hole fracking.
FracCure has specifically designed an aerator that can replace competitor systems with as much as seven times less house power.

Honest Business

FracCure is in the business of selling results with a great product. This is what a customer expects and deserves. We at FracCure stand behind our product as a Christian business serving our clients.


FracCure LLC stands behind its product for the complete satisfaction of its clients.
This is based on the goal of being the foremost supplier in frac water aeration.