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Frac Water Aeration

Turbine aerator Designed for Frac Flowback

State-of-the-art Technology
FracCure uses a state-of-the-art turbine which combines the physics principles of precession and centrifugal force. It has one of the highest oxygen transfer efficiencies of any aerator in the market regardless of type. Competing self-aspirating aerators, which do not use a turbine, are said to experience motor bearing failure in as little as six months. They also tend to create a current so strong that there is concern that it will unduly scour the pit liner.
FracCure Turbine Aerator is designed for frac pits
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Frac Water Aerator
Other aerators can sand blast the pit liner, which could cause very costly repairs and clean up. FracCure aerator creates a gentle 360 degree horizontal thrust and incorporates safety low water legs, allowing the aerator to rest on the liner without damage.  


New Clients

QEP Energy Company has installed 16 unites this year and are wanting 30 more this year.
Newfield Exploration Company installs nine aerators in two of its frac pits
Rockwater Energy Solutions has ordered 26 units in one year. We think they like the results their getting!!

Turbine Aeration unit designed for harsh environment frac water flowback


Pontoons are made of nearly a 1/4-inch thick polyethylene shell, resistant to oil and chemicals, and UV protected against sunlight degradation. They are then foam-filled with closed cell foam, guaranteed not to sink, even with bullet holes.


Our Industrial grade hazardous duty motors are modified for frac water environment.
They are then coated with two part epoxy marine paint..

Drive Shaft

The drive shafts / air shafts ia re made of stainless steel with a 1/4-inch wall thickness, designed to last a lifetime of use in frac water.


Our turbines are made from a fiberglass resin that is nearly as hard as a diamond.
Designed never wear out.

How its made

The Manufacturing Process.
The video shows the manufacturing process to build the best aeration system on the market today.
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How it works

The Turbine
The design of the turbine is a result of years of studies within fluid dynamics in particular centrifugal force, and “precession” as applied to rotating fluids.