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Frac Water Aeration

Neutral Anolyte Biocide

Green Friendly Biocide made from Electrolyzed Water.
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Neutral Anolyte
Neutral Anolyte is an eco-friendly biocide that can replace the chemical biocides now used in frac fluids. Biocides are added to frac fluids to keep bacteria from producing hydrogen sulfide gas, scale, and slime in oil and gas formations and in the attendant tubulars (piping) and equipment. Unknown to most people, chemical biocides can be the single most hazardous ingredient in frac fluids.
Neutral Anolyte Killing Power
Oil & Gas Fracking Questions
Oil and gas frac operators are caught between two extremes. First, they MUST use biocides to kill bacteria. Failing to do so would result in very costly contamination and corrosion of the underground formation and their production equipment. Second, when using biocides, they must choose among a selection of hazardous chemicals known to threaten the environment and pose danger to employees.



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