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Frac Water Aeration

Only the FracCure Turbine Can Efficiently Aerate Portable Frac Tanks

Why aerate flow back frac water?
If you are recycling flow back water, getting rid of the organics alone can reduce your biocide more than half. Injecting Air as Dissolved Oxygen can reduce: Organics, H2S, CO2, COD, TSS, Iron, Hydrocarbons, Sulfates, Manganese, Bicarbonate, Turbidity. Questions
Portable Frac Tank Aeration
FracCure has designed an aeration turbine that can effectivlly aerate a portable steel frac tank. The turbine can be for perminate or moved to other tanks as needed. Not only can the Turbine aerate a portable frac tank but can easily be mounted on FracCure's pontoon system for pit applications.
Potable Frac Tank
Aeration Questions
Steel Frac Tank Aeration
Oil and gas frac operators are caught between two extremes. First, they MUST use biocides to kill bacteria. Failing to do so would result in very costly contamination and corrosion of the underground formation and their production equipment. Second, when using biocides, they must choose among a selection of hazardous chemicals known to threaten the environment and pose danger to employees.


Frac Flow Back After 24 hours of Aeration