frac water aeration

Turbine Aeration

Designed for Frac Flowback Water Treatment

Steel Frac Tanks

the turbine is especially designed for steel frac tank aeration

turbine aeration

Combining the power of aeration and microbes

a cost effective, green, frac flowback and produced water aeration

frac water treatment video
The Turbine In Action
State-of-the-art frac & produced water aeration turbine, using up to 7 times less horse power than competing aerators. Designed specifically for fracking & produced water treatment.
Frac water aeration test
Designed for Frac & Produced Water
The turbine aerator is specifically designed for frac & produced water aeration, injecting 34 liters per second of air as dissolved oxygen.
Neutral Anolyte
green friendly biocide
FracCure offers Neutral Anolyte Biocide which is a green friendly biocide for down hole fracking. Known for its killing power, it reverts back to water when the job is done.

why aeration works

Air is injected with the turbine, as dissolved oxygen, oxygenating the frac water.

Aerobic microbes explode in population with the presence of oxygen.

The microbes begin consuming all of the organics as a food source. Metals are oxidized and fall out.

The end results are very clear. The above image shows the results after only seven hours of frac tank aeration.

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What’s new?

FracCure is now producing green friendly biocide for down hole frac water
Neutral Anolyte Biocide is a potent non-chemical biocide. It is made through the electro-chemical activation of water.
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FracCure Receives an Award for Drilling Water Intake Wells.

FracCure has been selected for the 2015 Austin Awards for Drilling Water Intake Wells.

Portable Frac Tank Aeration

portable frac tank aeration

FracCure has the only Aerator that can efficiently aerate portable frac tanks.